Skin tags, verrucas and milia are small fleshy growths (usually flesh-coloured or brownish in hue) which protrude from the surface of the skin and hang below its surface. While harmless in themselves, they can sometimes cause bleeding or irritation from clothing snagging them and can also be unsightly, potentially impacting self esteem negatively. To remove skin tags / verrucas / milia in one go is possible using chemical or laser removal treatments available commercially – however many treatments available commercially are effective.

Skin tags occur when there is excessive friction that causes an overgrowth of cells in the top layers of skin, leading to an accumulation of cells on its surface. They can appear anywhere but more commonly appear where skin rubs together such as neck, underarms, groin area and breasts; although they have even been reported on faces. Although skin tags affect people of all ages – men and women alike – overweight people or those living with Type 2 diabetes are especially prone. Furthermore pregnant women can have multiple skin tags which will eventually go away once their baby arrives!

Over time, skin tags can form and twist onto themselves at their base, becoming irritated and eventually bleeding. Therefore, removal may be necessary, particularly in visible locations like neck or underarm.

No matter where a skin tag or wart forms, various treatments exist for its removal. These may include over-the-counter topical solutions with ingredients such as eucalyptus oil or salicylic acid which may not always be effective and could result in scarring and other skin damage. In addition, devices such as plasma pens can convert electrical currents into heat energy that cauterise affected areas with hot steam to burn off warts or skin tags through cauterisation; although experts advise against this due to risks such as pain and infection.

At MUMS we offer various options for skin tag, milia and wart removal including scalpel sculpting which is performed under local anaesthetic without any pain whatsoever – results are immediate! Ideal for people who have tried unsuccessful over-the-counter treatments but require an effective, safe and scar-free solution for removal.

Cryotherapy is another option, and involves freezing a lesion with liquid nitrogen until its cells die and it falls off naturally. This quick treatment option can be ideal for people who have multiple warts to remove as appointments usually only last 30 minutes!

Cryopen machines can be used on all skin types and are an effective solution for wart removal, working at very fast speeds (-40 degrees within 12 seconds on lesion) to destroy viral cells which cause warts to naturally fall off. They may also be combined with electrolysis or laser hair removal treatments for maximum efficacy.