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SlimLipo or Slim Liposuction

SlimLipo or Slim Liposuction isn’t your standard lipo treatment. It is the outcome of the most recent technical developments in plastic surgery. The ‘Slim’ in SlimLipo represents Selective Laser Induced Melting. The special advantages of the SlimLipo laser device lipo system consist of laser device wavelengths that particularly target fat and optimally secure your skin. This results in faster recovery and smoother, tighter outcomes. Surgery without basic anesthesia, quick recuperation and skin tightening up are simply a few of the advantages of having laser device liposuction with the SlimLipo system.

The SlimLipo system is also distinct in its option of wavelengths targeted by its lasers. Various other systems operate on the 1064 nm or 1320 nm. SlimLipo concentrates on the 924 nm and 975 nm wavelengths. Why? Since considerable research discovered they are the wavelengths most efficient for targeted treatment of fat and tensing of the skin. That suggests the system could zero in on your body fat much more properly and specifically. Palomar, the firm that made SlimLipo, now has patents on both the 924 nm and 957 nm wavelengths.

Securing of Your Skin With The SlimLipo

Laser lipo with the SlimLipo could also be made use of for restorative, tightening of skin to fix or boost your past liposuction outcomes. The capacity of the SlimLipo to treat patients who have unsatisfactory lipo outcomes from locations of loosened skin or curve irregularities is a major action ahead. This offers a restorative alternative for those who’ve experienced less effective treatments from various other surgeons and lipo systems.

Integrated with a good cosmetic surgeon’s training and cosmetic surgical treatment experience, the SlimLipo laser device system is the cutting edge of lipo in Hawaii and elsewhere.

The distinct benefits of the SlimLipo laser lipo system consist of laser device wavelengths that specifically target fat and optimally tighten your skin. Surgical treatment without general anesthesia, quick recuperation and skin tightening are simply some of the advantages of having laser lipo with the SlimLipo system.

Laser lipo with the SlimLipo can also be used for restorative, firming up of skin to deal with or improve your past liposuction outcomes.

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