Is Laser Lipolaser Therapy Right For You?

Lipolaser therapy

Laser lipo may be an ideal solution if you are having difficulty with stubborn fat deposits in the belly area, love handles, arms or thighs. This noninvasive treatment is safe for most individuals and has an impressive success rate. A qualified practitioner can help target and shrink these troublesome fatty areas with minimal downtime, pain, redness tenderness or swelling.

Starting the treatment involves placing pads with small laser diodes onto your skin. These lasers penetrate through the surface layer, targeting fat cells underlying it. After creating holes in fat cell membranes and emptying out all their contents including fatty acids and water through lymphatic system flushing, fat cells will gradually shrink creating more contoured shapes for your body.

Clinical trials conducted showed each treatment produced an estimated loss of 0.4 to 0.5 cm in waist circumference. Cosmetic enhancement was assessed through standard photographs taken by blinded and unblinded investigators, and results of laser lipolysis supported by histology analyses with hematoxylin and eosin, methylene blue stains, and scanning electron microscopy, showing new collagen formation compared with untreated areas.

Laser lipo has also been demonstrated to tighten skin, reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Since laser lipo is noninvasive, most patients do not experience any downtime following treatment – allowing them to return immediately to normal activities afterwards. Compression garments may help reduce swelling while improving elasticity; lymphatic massage therapy also aids healing after treatments for smoother skin.

Zerona machines offer another popular noninvasive body sculpting method – using laser energy, they use Zerona’s weight loss device Zerona lasers can liquefy fat, shrink cells and stimulate collagen fiber production; in addition, Zerona lasers can destroy toxins while increasing your metabolism and increasing body sculpting results.

Zerona works differently from laser lipo treatments by altering your internal body composition and targeting stubborn fat pockets in your abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks and neck/chin area.

Noninvasive liposuction treatments are safe for all skin types and an ideal option for people who are overweight or obese, though results should only be seen after supplementing it with healthy eating and exercise for lasting success.

Lipolaser therapy is designed for individuals who are close to reaching their ideal weight but have yet to achieve it. While not intended as a weight loss solution, Lipolaser can help people who are close to reaching their goal weight attain it through shaping tummies or chins, contouring arms, legs, buttocks, and eliminating last traces of baby fat from stomachs. Results will depend on your weight fluctuations because fat cells store new fat when their contents empty out – so results can change with each gain or loss in either case.