Laser-Based Fat Reduction

Laser fat reduction is an innovative and safe approach to eliminating stubborn areas of fat. Unlike surgical liposuction, which involves injecting an area with chemicals to break up and dissolve fat cells, laser-based fat reduction uses noninvasive laser light beams to heat up and melt away fatty cells that then pass into lymphatic drainage, where they are expelled without leaving behind any damage to nearby tissue. It is noninvasive, painless, and has no negative side effects.

Doctors traditionally employed laser-assisted liposuction to extract unwanted fat from skin, however this procedure can be both invasive and painful. A tube-like device with a laser emitting tip is inserted under the skin before the doctor uses a laser to melt away fat cells before suctioning them out through another incision in this same tube-like incision – taking approximately an hour per area and only being performed once at any given time.

There are a variety of laser-based fat reduction treatments, and each works differently. Some use heat to emulsify and drain fat cells through pores in their cells – this process is known as laser lipolysis; other techniques, like CoolSculpting and SculpSure, employ laser light energy to kill off fat cells in targeted areas before the body naturally processes and removes them, creating an overall more sculpted look in that region.

SculpSure was granted FDA clearance in 2015 after Cynosure worked closely with them on several clinical trials to demonstrate its safety and effectiveness for treating stubborn fat pockets in abdomen, back, thighs and hips. SculpSure causes no discomfort; most treatments take 25 minutes.

While some fat reduction techniques claim to kill fat cells, this can be dangerous and lead to the accumulation of more visceral fat around organs. Instead, laser-based fat reduction techniques like the i-Lipo procedure use heat combined with paddle-like applicator paddles to target problem areas within your body where heat damages membranes of fat cells which eventually die off, leading to their absorption by your body for absorption, leaving behind more sculpted areas on your body than ever before!

I-Lipo is not designed to help individuals who are significantly overweight; rather, it’s best suited for healthy individuals looking to reduce localized deposits of fat that have proven resistant to diet and exercise. For optimal results, patients should maintain a healthy weight without taking medications that make them light-sensitive; also drinking plenty of water and eating a balanced diet are key elements. For more information about laser-based fat reduction procedures such as this one offered at Body Details Medical Spa; their consultants would be more than happy to explain how laser-based fat reduction works while helping you determine whether it fits into your goals or not! To find out more, schedule a consultation at their facility where laser-based fat reduction works; they will gladly explain its workings so you can decide if this process might suit your goals or not!