Heat-Based Body Sculpting

Heatbased body sculpting

Recently, noninvasive body sculpting techniques have become an increasingly popular way of contouring the body and eliminating stubborn pockets of fat that don’t respond to diet or exercise. Unlike surgical options like liposuction, these methods don’t involve incisions and often have faster recovery periods than their surgical counterparts.

Heat-based body sculpting techniques such as SculpSure and WarmSculpting use targeted heat to selectively destroy unwanted fat cells without harming surrounding tissues. Once dead cells have been eliminated by your lymphatic system over time, treatments like these can improve the appearance of stubborn fat pockets around your abdomen and love handles while tightening loose and sagging skin.

At each session, an applicator is attached to the targeted area to administer controlled amounts of warmth. Depending on which method is being employed, temperature levels can range anywhere from 39-42 degrees Celsius; this helps ensure targeted cells are eliminated without disrupting nearby tissue, helping ensure comfort and safety during treatment.

Applicator devices are applied directly against target areas for approximately 30 minutes, during which you may experience mild discomfort similar to muscle cramping or soreness. Most patients find this tolerable; after which, the applicator gently pulls against that spot to enhance results by flattening out skin surfaces and smoothing wrinkles.

Within weeks to months, you should notice visible slimming and firming of the targeted areas. Over time, as your lymphatic system removes dead cells from your body, skin will appear more toned and smooth; oftentimes, friends and family won’t even be aware of your having undergone body sculpting since results tend to be gradual and subtle.

Warm Sculpting and SculpSure both deliver results at eliminating stubborn fat deposits in the abdomen and love handles, but SculpSure stands out by stimulating collagen production to tighten and rejuvenate skin, unlike CoolSculpting which solely relies on fat loss for results.

Chetco Medical & Aesthetics in Brookings, OR may offer you an effective, safe solution to attain the body of your dreams: body sculpting. Their team of practitioners will work with you to design an individualized plan to meet your desired shape goals; taking into account factors like health history, weight and skin sensitivity as well as other conditions that might impede treatment effectiveness.

Reach out today if you want more information on the various body sculpting techniques we provide at our Brookings, OR office, as we proudly serve clients from Eugene as well. We look forward to helping you achieve the body of your dreams!