What You Need to Know About Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite reduction

Cellulite reduction involves diminishing the dimpled skin often seen on buttocks, hips and thighs. Cellulite affects 80% to 90% of females and can have devastating repercussions for psychosocial well-being and quality of life issues. Cellulite results when fatty cells press against connective fibers that link skin and muscle underneath, pulling the cords down, creating dimples known as cellulite. Although overweight individuals are more prone to this problem than slim women or those in their early 30s, lean and thin women can still experience cellulite formation. Cellulite becomes more common with age and pregnancy, and treatment options were previously limited; however, laser therapy offers minimally invasive solutions for smoothing out skin tone.

Losing weight and toning up is the single best way to minimize cellulite’s appearance, though this won’t completely remove it. A diet consisting of lean proteins, fruits, vegetables and whole grains will also help.

Noninvasive treatments that increase circulation may help to diminish cellulite. Such methods include massage, lymphatic drainage and similar techniques; typically these require multiple sessions for best results. Exercise also plays a key role in burning calories and decreasing body fat.

Liposuction may provide one solution for more severe cellulite. Liposuction removes excess fat as well as some of the bands that pull down on the skin; however, it should only be considered in specially selected patients. A plastic surgeon can also perform liposculpture (also called subcision), using needles or blades to separate fibrous bands under the skin using needles or blades – although this procedure can often cause pain and bruising; sometimes combined with liposuction for comprehensive results.

Cellfina, an FDA-approved minimally-invasive procedure to treat cellulite, has recently received widespread praise and approval. As its name implies, this groundbreaking treatment targets tightened septae that create dimpled skin. Completed using only one small blade blade blade blade blade blade, the entire procedure takes less than an hour with results expected to last two years or longer.

Your doctor will first saturate the area with gel containing algae or clay before wrapping it in plastic for treatment, which includes feeling a mild electric current. Studies have indicated that using this device, known as Endermologie, has significantly reduced cellulite appearances; however it remains unknown as to its longevity as effects often return within a month after discontinuing therapy.