What Is Laser Liposuction?

Laser lipolysis is a noninvasive technique for body shaping that utilizes laser beams to dissolve fat deposits that don’t respond to diet or exercise. The procedure typically takes one hour per area at the doctor’s office, with results appearing gradually over several weeks to months.

At this minimally invasive, no-scarring procedure, a health care professional uses a small handpiece with laser light to penetrate through the skin into fatty tissue beneath. As the laser energy breaks down fat cells naturally processed by lymphatic drainage systems, tightening of skin via neocollagenesis also occurs as part of this treatment plan.

Laser lipo is an innovative, noninvasive procedure that offers precise results without general anesthesia or large incisions, and recovery generally occurs within a week of completion of treatment.

To perform this procedure, a physician applies topical anesthetic to the desired treatment area before creating a small cut to allow access for laser technology. Next, they use laser energy to heat and melt away unwanted fat cells before inserting a tube to suction away all melted material – before closing up their incision site with suture material.

This procedure can be performed on the abdomen, back hips, thighs and arms as well as on neck and chin irregularities that have resulted from surgery.

As with any procedure, laser lipo may cause temporary swelling, bruising, or discomfort at the site of treatment; however, this should resolve within days to weeks. It is a great choice for individuals seeking to reduce fatty deposits in specific areas as well as those seeking loose skin after weight loss.

Laser lipolysis requires that an individual have a BMI below 30, and shouldn’t be used during pregnancy or to treat medical conditions. Some individuals choose multiple sessions of laser lipolysis for maximum effectiveness.

If you’re interested in eliminating unwanted fat deposits through noninvasive and scarless means, get in touch with us right away for more information about laser lipolysis services from us! We can arrange an initial consultation appointment at your convenience, providing all the essential details about laser lipolysis to make an informed decision about if laser lipolysis will work for you – we look forward to meeting you! We welcome hearing from you!