Radiofrequency Fat Reduction

Radiofrequency fat reduction is an increasingly popular treatment that utilizes heat energy to melt away unwanted fat cells without surgical intervention. Dermatologists have used this noninvasive body shaping treatment for more than 20 years. Our therapists are fully trained and experienced in using it as an effective noninvasive means to achieve more toned, leaner bodies for both men and women alike.

The device uses radio frequency energy to target the layer of fat covering muscles, heating it until its cells die off, leading to noticeable slimming effects and stimulating collagen and elastin formation – giving skin a firmer and younger look as a result.

At an RF treatment session, patients can comfortably relax in a treatment chair while the device is used on their target area. It’s entirely painless; most compare it to a warm stone massage. An RF session typically lasts about 30 minutes depending on its area; so fitting one into an already packed schedule shouldn’t be difficult at all – many come for their session during their lunch break!

One of the advantages of radio frequency treatments is their safety for almost any skin type, making them a suitable solution for people with sensitive areas or delicate tissues. Furthermore, the process itself is completely painless; most people only experience mild redness or swelling post treatment. Furthermore, they’re suitable for most age groups from teens up to seniors.

Recently, radio frequency (RF) devices have grown increasingly popular. Some of the most well-known examples are the iD and truSculpt 3D devices, which use monopolar RF technology to induce fat apoptosis by dismantling membranes of fat cells in targeted regions. Another effective bipolar RF device is BodyFX that heats up subdermal layers of fat while simultaneously disrupting their cell membranes.

Peer-reviewed studies have validated LipoShape’s noninvasive permanent destruction of fat cells with long-term body contouring results. Other technologies that achieve similar goals include pulsed focused ultrasound that cavitates adipose tissue nonthermally (LipoShape by Liposonix in Montreal Canada), cryolipolysis by ZELTIQ in Pleasanton California which induces hypothermal-induced apoptosis of fat cells, and RF electroporation using BodyFX (InMode Invasix Yokneam Israel).

Exilis stands out from these other treatments by offering multi-site treatments for larger areas with no downtime afterward – patients can return directly to work or other activities after the procedure. Furthermore, Exilis can treat more than one problem area at once making it a great solution for patients looking for multiple solutions at once. While results don’t become visible immediately they do become apparent after several weeks and need regular maintenance appointments in order to remain visible over time; we advise patients follow-up appointments at least every few months for optimal results.