Radiofrequency-Assisted Liposuction – Reduce Fat and Tighten the Skin in the Same Procedure

Radiofrequencyassisted lipolysis

Attaining a slim and toned figure through diet and exercise alone is often difficult for many. For those needing additional assistance, liposuction and lipolysis offer ways to remove unwanted fat cells and tighten the skin in problem areas – each treatment providing different results and working differently; in this article we’ll focus on Radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis (RFAL), an innovative procedure which simultaneously reduces fat while tightening skin!

RFAL works by targeting tissue beneath the surface of skin with heat energy that can significantly impact dermal contraction. This is accomplished by sending a directional radiofrequency current through an internal electrode placed within body’s fatty tissue and an external electrode outside skin’s boundary, where an energy current liquefies fat before removal by cannula, making fatty tissue easier to be extracted than left in place and collagen tightening, creating firmer and toned appearance of area treated.

Radiofrequency current can also be used to heat adipose tissue, leading to cell death and the release of fat-derived fatty acids into the bloodstream. An adipose-derived inflammatory response induces fat cell apoptosis leading to necrosis that leads to reductions in localized fat and overall weight loss. Furthermore, using the current can speed up liposuction process which lowers complications risk by shortening how long fat cells remain trapped inside cannula during liposuction process.

Researchers conducted a study that demonstrated how RFAL could effectively induce significant skin contraction when directly applied under the skin. By heating both adipose and fibrous tissue, researchers achieved greater skin contraction than was possible with traditional laser-assisted lipolysis; due to reaching higher temperatures under the skin where RF energy can shrink the tissues effectively increasing treatment efficacy.

RFAL is the latest advancement in fat reduction technology and provides patients with an ideal combination of fat removal and skin tightening in a single session! By eliminating large incisions, scarring, and months-long recovery times, it provides extra help for those needing extra assistance with fat-reduction. If you would like more information about how Radiofrequency-Assisted Lipolysis (RFAL) could improve your figure contact The Nikolov Center for Plastic Surgery to arrange a consultation! We pride ourselves on using cutting edge body contouring technologies and techniques so we hope to hear from you soon!