Radiofrequency-Assisted Liposuction

Radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis (RFAL) is a minimally invasive technique which simultaneously coagulates fat and tightens skin, providing physicians with an easy way to perform contouring while treating adipose tissue in one step. Cannulas designed specifically for this procedure have various lengths, diameters, tip configurations, aspiration ports and aspiration ports to meet each physician’s requirements for different areas of treatment or procedures and assuaged aspirated fat away quickly thereby cutting operational time costs associated with these procedures considerably.

RFAL not only has the capability of liquefying and aspirating unwanted fat deposits, but can also thermally stimulate collagen fibers for skin tightening. Studies have revealed a significant amount of soft tissue contraction due to energy-assisted lipolysis which contributes to improved postoperative shape and body contouring.

RFAL delivers bipolar radiofrequency energy via the NeckTite cannula and FaceTite hand piece of its bipolar radiofrequency energy system. The inner electrode of the cannula is hollow with distal ports to facilitate simultaneous fat aspiration and coagulation, while its external electrode glides along skin’s surface for nonablative bulk heating and tissue tightening – together providing consistent three-dimensional tissue contraction.

RFAL technology also allows physicians to treat thicker tissues more effectively, such as those located around the cervicomental and jowl regions, which are harder to treat with traditional techniques. By adding this new dimension to energy-assisted liposuction procedures, physicians can address more patients who might otherwise not respond as well with traditional procedures alone.

An RFAL procedure typically lasts around one hour in-office and may require local anesthesia for optimal comfort. Following treatment, patients may experience swelling and redness for several days post-op.

The FDA has given their blessing to RFAL technology for use in treating stubborn fat deposits on the abdomen, back, thighs and flanks and circumferential reduction of arms and chin. This device can be used on patients with Fitzpatrick skin types I-VI and can achieve results comparable to traditional liposuction techniques – with faster recovery. Chester Laser Clinic offers noninvasive technology as an effective alternative to surgery, which often leads to scarring and months of downtime. Give us a call now at Chester Laser Clinic to see if you qualify – one of the first centers in America offering this innovative therapy! Our friendly staff is standing by to answer all your queries and get you closer to living a healthier lifestyle! Contact us now to set up your consultation session.