Radiofrequency-Assisted Liposuction

An ideal body is something many strive for through diet and exercise alone; however, at times they may fall short due to stubborn fat deposits or skin laxity issues. Thanks to advances in body contouring technology, patients now have more ways than ever before of reaching their cosmetic goals.

Radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis is an advanced lipolytic procedure designed to tighten loose skin and eradicate stubborn fat pockets without surgery or needles. Using heat energy and radiofrequency waves, this procedure uses minimally invasive means to dissolve fat cells while tightening skin at the same time. Furthermore, heat energy from this device also seals off blood vessels in the area for faster recovery time and minimizes bleeding in addition to tightening up loose skin and eliminating pockets of fat.

When performing the RFAL procedure, a physician applies local anesthetic and inserts a cannula under the skin to administer radiofrequency energy towards problematic fat deposits that liquefy them onsite, enabling fat to be extracted via suction through cannula; at the same time, its heating properties tighten surrounding skin tissues as it heats the fat deposits.

Studies comparing the aspiration speed of RFAL liposuction to standard liposuction revealed that it was much quicker, likely due to lower viscosity of fatty tissue when being liquefied. Furthermore, this test revealed that RFAL had a much higher aspiration volume of 490ml per minute compared to only 420ml with regular liposuction cannulas in this particular test.

RFAL liposuction has quickly become a go-to treatment option for unwanted areas of fat accumulation. Not only is it much less invasive, but its results also offer superior skin tightening benefits compared with thermal therapies, making this technique especially suitable for treating older patients who may have lost some elasticity in their skin over time.

People considering having Radiofrequency Ablative Laser Surgery should discuss their insurance coverage with an agent to ensure they understand exactly what is and isn’t covered. As it’s regarded as cosmetic procedure, medical insurance generally will not cover its cost – those seeking this procedure as part of their weight loss plan might consider flexible spending or health savings accounts as options to cover its expense.

At The Nikolov Center for Plastic Surgery, we provide radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis as an innovative and noninvasive means of body contouring for our clients. Our staff work to understand each person’s personal goals so they can recommend the optimal course of treatment based on individual needs and goals. Reach out today and discover more about how this method could help you reach your physical appearance goals – we look forward to hearing from you!