Non-Surgical Fat Targeting Methods

Nonsurgical fat targeting methods

Diet and exercise can help individuals reduce fat and achieve more shapely figures, but sometimes these methods don’t give the desired results; stubborn pockets of fat may remain even with strict eating regimens and treadmill sessions. The good news is there are nonsurgical procedures available that may help achieve your ideal body contours.

Non-invasive fat targeting methods work by targeting unwanted fat cells without damaging surrounding tissues. They typically employ methods like cold temperatures, laser energy or ultrasound waves to break down their structure and allow your body to process them naturally over time – no downtime needed! Non-surgical techniques are highly versatile as they can be applied virtually anywhere on your body and with minimal risk.

CoolSculpting is one of the most sought-after noninvasive fat reduction treatments, approved by the FDA and using cryolipolysis technology to target stubborn fat bulges. A vacuum-like applicator draws fat tissue into a treatment machine before freezing it; this kills targeted fat cells and allows your lymphatic system to flush them away naturally over time, leaving behind slimmer body contours. A typical CoolSculpting session lasts 30-60 minutes per treatment area; multiple sessions may be needed in order to achieve noticeable results.

Liposuction is another noninvasive option available to individuals looking to achieve weight loss without going under the knife. A thin tube called a cannula is inserted into fat tissue and removed through suctioning; liposuction can be performed on multiple areas of the body including abdominal, thighs, hips, arms buttocks neck. Liposuction works best when individuals near their goal weight have tight, firm skin.

UltraShape, BTL Vanquish ME and Liposonix are among the FDA-approved procedures used to contour the body. These treatments use radiofrequency energy, ultrasound energy or laser/light assisted technology to target fat cells and shrink problematic areas on your body.

Noninvasive body-shaping treatments offer more than just fat reduction; many also tighten skin and rejuvenate vaginal tissue rejuvenation, making them often cheaper and less time consuming than surgical options.

Attaining optimal body contouring requires consulting an experienced plastic surgeon. A board-certified cosmetic surgeon can conduct a complete body contouring evaluation and offer recommendations to help you meet your goals. They may also suggest additional cosmetic treatments to address other concerns such as cellulite reduction, skin texture improvements or labia minora/majora restoration. Contact an ABCS diplomat now to arrange for a consultation!