Non-Surgical Fat Emulsification

Non-invasive fat reduction treatments have become an increasingly popular cosmetic enhancement treatment among patients seeking to eliminate pockets of fat and cellulite without surgery. While non-surgical solutions require less recovery time than surgical methods, these solutions do not produce immediate and dramatic results like that offered by surgical liposuction.

Non-invasive body sculpting techniques use lasers, heat, cooling and sound through ultrasound or radiofrequency waves to break apart fat cells so they are flushed away by lymphatic drainage systems. Non-invasive procedures are especially useful in areas which have not responded to diet and exercise or in those who cannot undergo surgery.

Cryolipolysis or fat freezing is one such technique which works by selectively targeting and destroying fat cells (adipocytes) without damaging other tissues. To accomplish this goal, cryolipolysis uses a device which chills the targeted area to a temperature that only fat cells can tolerate, crystallisation being more prevalent among fat cells than in other tissue types; eventually this causes rupture and death of fat cells which will then naturally be eliminated by your body as metabolic waste.

Nonsurgical liposuction, more commonly referred to as liposculpting, is also an increasingly popular treatment option. Unlike traditional liposuction which uses a tube for suctioning out fat deposits, nonsurgical liposuction uses noninvasive techniques which target smaller areas like double chins with greater precision than ever.

Fat-dissolving injections offer another effective treatment option. These injections can be given either in-office or injected directly into a targeted area of your body, and usually contain FDA approved medications and ingredients designed to dissolve fat quickly – including phosphatidylcholine and sodium deoxycholate among others. Phosphatidylcholine specifically works by binding with the fatty acids within adipocytes to cause them to burst open, releasing their contents of triglycerides into bloodstream; they then processed by liver before ultimately eliminated via lymphatic system.

No matter if it be surgical or non-invasive liposuction, selecting an aesthetic professional with experience in each procedure and an understanding of their purpose and benefits is of utmost importance when making decisions about treatments to enhance appearances. When seeking information from American Board of Cosmetic Surgery Diplomates regarding available treatments that could enhance their appearances.

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Nonsurgical body sculpting should never be seen as an alternative to surgery and should only be conducted by board-certified plastic surgeons, like those found at our Edmonton clinic in Alberta. We currently offer these procedures here at our location in Edmonton.

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