Non-Surgical Fat Cell Disruption

Non-surgical fat cell disruption is an approach used to shrink unwanted pockets of fat on the body without resorting to plastic surgery procedures. Non-invasive approaches include treatments using cold temperatures, laser energy, sound waves such as ultrasound or radiofrequency waves or injections of deoxycholic acid injections such as Kybella.

These procedures do not directly remove fat; rather, they destroy fat cells to make it difficult for new ones to form in the future. Over time, your body naturally disposes of these destroyed cells – typically permanently unlike traditional liposuction which simply reduces concentrations of fatty cells but will not remove all of it.

Utilizing noninvasive techniques like this one, it is possible to permanently reduce fat around the neck and chin, stomach, arms, back, love handles and thighs. This may prove particularly effective for people nearing their ideal weight but have small pockets of stubborn fat which don’t respond to diet or exercise.

Scientists have recently found that subjecting fat cells to laser energy causes them to empty out or undergo lipolysis – the process by which fat cells release their contents or become defunct and absorb energy from other sources for metabolism – leaving behind empty fatty acid-filled cells which can then be utilized by other tissues or metabolized for energy by our bodies as energy reserves. This procedure provides a safe and effective method to treat problem areas such as double chins, inner thighs or outer arms.

While not a replacement for fitness programs, this treatment may help people achieve the look they desire with reduced risks and costs than traditional techniques like liposuction. Furthermore, this procedure is safer and more cost-effective than other body contouring procedures that involve incisions, anesthesia and lengthy recoveries periods.