Non-Surgical Fat Cell Destruction

Nonsurgical fat cell destruction

Non-invasive fat cell destruction offers an alternative to liposuction for eliminating stubborn pockets of fat. People who have reached their ideal weight but still carry extra fatty deposits may struggle with diet and exercise to remove this stubborn extra adipose tissue. Nonsurgical body sculpting technology offers an answer by targeting cells storing unwanted adipose deposits, and gradually eliminating these damaged cells through natural processes in your body to minimize further fat accumulation.

Cryolipolysis (also referred to as CoolSculpting) is the go-to technique for noninvasive fat reduction, employing extreme cold to break apart and destroy fat cells in targeted areas without surgery. A cooling device is applied directly onto skin surface in target area where precise temperatures only reach fat layers underlying them; when temperatures decrease further they crystallize and eventually go through natural elimination processes similar to how your body processes other forms of cell debris.

Cryolipolysis has become one of the most sought-after noninvasive techniques for body sculpting since it first launched, being utilized 17 million times since its creation.

Other noninvasive procedures that work by dissolving fat include injections such as Aqualyx and Belkyra/Kybella; radiofrequency energy such as FaceTite, AccuTite and Vanquish; ultrasound energy laser (Liposonix); and red light therapy (InstaLipo). All of these methods work by disrupting or liquefying cell membranes of targeted fat cells which then naturally break down through lymphatic drainage into liver for processing.

Noninvasive body sculpting technologies have grown increasingly popular as safer and less invasive alternatives to surgical liposuction with comparable results. When selecting one of these noninvasive solutions for yourself, consult an experienced plastic surgeon first to ensure optimal outcomes.

At your consultation, your plastic surgeon will evaluate which areas of your body need fat reduction and provide guidance as to which noninvasive procedures or combinations of treatments will achieve the best outcomes. They may even suggest multiple approaches in order to help achieve your body contouring goals.

If you are seeking nonsurgical ways of eliminating fat cells and shaping your body with noninvasive means, reach out to Dr. Green today. He would be more than happy to address any queries about his range of cosmetic treatments that we offer at his Chicago-area office; please request a consultation online or give us a call on (312) 924-7794 and he and his team would love to meet with you! We look forward to welcoming you!