Non-Surgical Adipose Tissue Reduction

Non-surgical adipose tissue reduction (NSATR) is an aesthetic procedure used to decrease unwanted fat deposits on the body without surgery, an alternative to liposuction with its associated downtime and risk. Non-invasive fat reduction treatments may be performed in either a medical office or spa and use either heat or cooling to target and destroy fat cells thereby diminishing stubborn pockets of unwanted fat that appear over time. FDA-approved noninvasive techniques include laser treatments (SculpSure and Zerona), cryolipolysis (ChillSculpting).

Nonsurgical adipose tissue reduction focuses on small areas of fat on the body that refuse to respond to diet and exercise routine. This treatment method can be used for stubborn double chins, love handles or tummy bulges that refuse to go away no matter what. Furthermore, pockets of fat in arms legs or thighs may also benefit from this form of fat removal; unlike surgery-liposuction these treatments tend to target those closer to their ideal body weight with long-term results provided the patient maintains their ideal bodyweight once treatment.

Heating or cooling treatments for noninvasive fat reduction have proven highly popular among patients seeking noninvasive fat reduction solutions. These procedures typically can be completed within two hours and without any downtime; most often performed at a skin specialist’s or cosmetic surgeon’s office; depending on which approach is taken patients can expect results within weeks of starting these procedures.

Treatment may take multiple sessions for optimal results, but can significantly diminish fat pockets that don’t respond to diet and exercise. Furthermore, they’re generally safe for most patients except those with hernias or structural weaknesses in the abdominal wall such as surgical scars or separation of stomach muscles after pregnancy – the latter condition being the exception.

UltraShape is one of the leading noninvasive fat reduction devices. This procedure utilizes heat and vacuum massage technology to safely dissolve fat cells. The device utilizes an applicator with a radiofrequency wand that presses against the skin, emitting heat to melt away fat deposits while suctioning them out of your body. Once in your lymphatic system, these fat deposits will eventually be processed out and eliminated from your system. Treatment may be uncomfortable and may not produce desired results if skin is too loose, the person is overweight, or the procedure causes discomfort for those with sensitive skin. To maximize results, patients should refrain from eating fatty foods and engaging in physical exercise for at least two days prior to an appointment for optimal results.