Minimally Invasive Fat Removal

Are You Tired of Unwanted Fat That Refuses to Go Away Regardless of Diet and Exercise? There are various procedures available to help reduce stubborn pockets of fat that refuse to vanish despite diet and exercise, with each offering different advantages: From surgery involving risksier procedures such as anesthesia use at surgical facilities; non-invasive therapies can be done from within your doctor’s office or even at home.

Liposuction can be an effective solution to reduce larger deposits of unwanted fat in the thighs, buttocks, belly, hips or waist. Liposuction’s dramatic results and localized reduction can target multiple areas at once; however, liposuction may also be more costly than non-invasive procedures and must also take into account that your body will continue storing fat cells after liposuction has taken place, potentially leading to some return of weight after treatment has concluded.

CoolSculpting and RF treatments provide non-invasive fat reduction techniques that may be the better option for individuals who either don’t wish to undergo surgery, or have medical conditions which would preclude surgery from being safely performed. These non-invasive solutions work by targeting fat cells directly and killing them; in addition, due to being noninvasive they tend to be less costly than surgical solutions and usually don’t require recovery periods; making these an appealing solution for anyone needing a quick way to lose weight quickly.

Non-invasive fat reduction procedures tend to be safer than their invasive counterparts due to not requiring anesthesia – which poses health risks – and the fact that non-invasive methods target only fat cells rather than muscles or skin as is possible with surgical methods.

Non-invasive procedures tend to be less costly than invasive ones as they do not involve costly resources like operating rooms or anesthesia, plus being performed at a clinic or doctor’s office saves both time and money for patients by helping them return quickly to their daily activities.

For optimal non-invasive fat removal results, consult with a board-certified dermatologist in Houston Texas with extensive training and experience with these procedures. They can assess your body type and goals before creating a customized plan using one or more modern techniques aimed at reaching those results. In some instances, referral to a plastic surgeon may also be recommended – contact us now to make your appointment; we look forward to meeting you!