Laser Liposuction Alternatives

Laser liposuction alternatives

Laser liposuction is an invasive procedure with potential side effects including swelling, bruising and loose skin. Although laser liposuction offers dramatic results with minimal recovery time and cost can be expensive. There are non-invasive alternatives to laser liposuction that deliver less dramatic but equally effective results at significantly less expense – using freezing, penetrating heat through radiofrequency or similar techniques to remove unwanted fat deposits from the body.

CoolSculpting has long been one of the top laser fat removal options. This FDA-approved process targets stubborn pockets of fat in areas like flanks, abdomen, thighs and legs that do not respond to diet or exercise alone, specifically targeted towards individuals near their ideal body weight.

At each session, your doctor will use an applicator on the targeted area that feels cold, which many describe as pulling or suction sensation. Once treatment begins, expect it to take approximately an hour per area; you should start seeing results within days after each session; full effect takes several months after that.

CoolSculpting offers an effective alternative to surgical liposuction, helping patients to lose inches without surgery and an extended downtime. The procedure takes place in your doctor’s office and involves applying local anesthetic. Once the area has been rendered deadened, they insert a small tube that suctions away liquefied fat – the applicator then replaces itself over the site, so you can return to regular activities without worry or downtime.

The Emerald Laser system utilizes lasers to target fat cells in an unconventional manner. Its low-intensity laser energy creates pores in adipose cells which allow their contents to exit via lymphatic drainage, then processed naturally by your body’s natural processes. Its process isn’t painful or require significant downtime – you just need one session!

AirSculpt is an FDA-cleared laser treatment with noninvasive results comparable to nonsurgical liposuction. Using heat and radio frequency waves to break down fat deposits while tightening skin, AirSculpt is an ideal option for patients looking to eliminate love handles, double chins or any unwanted fat deposits from their bodies. Each session typically lasts an hour with visible results appearing as soon as one week post treatment.