Laser-Based Fat Reduction

Laser-based fat reduction is a noninvasive, safe solution for eliminating unwanted body fat. This noninvasive procedure works by gently heating fatty tissue within your skin to cause ruptured fat cells to break open and release their contents, with your body then flushing these away naturally along with waste products for elimination, leaving behind a slimmer physique. FDA-approved and clinical studies indicate it can significantly decrease waist, hip, and thigh circumference with as few as six treatments!

Laser fat removal offers an alternative solution for eliminating excess fat without the risk of surgery, with no downtime after treatment sessions and immediate return to regular daily activities after sessions. Laser treatment works best when coupled with healthy lifestyle choices like maintaining weight control.

An International Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism study demonstrated that low-level laser therapy could significantly decrease abdominal and thigh size by as much as 3.72 inches after just six sessions; however, further research needs to be conducted in order to prove its efficacy.

Niera [2] conducted research to test how laser light energy could liquefy fat in human adipose cells. They injected human adipose cells with glycerol before irradiating them with laser-specific light to cause their rupture and release of the released glycerol into their environment. Furthermore, this light exposure increased dye presence consistent with pores appearing on cell membranes which supports its hypothesis that laser irradiation stimulated lipolysis.

Other studies have utilized more scientific techniques to assess the efficacy of laser-based fat reduction, including histological and mathematical models, MRI quantifications, tattoo measurements and tattoo measurements. Their findings consistently demonstrate how laser-based fat reduction both liquefies fat deposits while simultaneously increasing collagen production to produce tighter, smoother skin tones.

Laser-based fat reduction treatments involve lying reclining on a treatment table while wearing protective goggles to your eyes. A technician will then move an applicator over the area being treated, applying laser energy into your skin through pulses. You should feel only mild discomfort during each 20-40 minute session that typically proves relaxing for most.

Some patients may experience fatigue after receiving their treatment, due to your body releasing its stored lipid cells into your bloodstream. To help flush out all released toxins from your system more effectively. It’s recommended that patients drink plenty of water post-treatment.

Laser fat reduction can be safely administered to adults who are close to their ideal body weight and living a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, however, pregnant women and those with blood clotting disorders should avoid it and those taking antibiotics should also refrain from treatment as it could interfere with your medications and cause complications.

At Body Details, all laser treatments are administered by an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse or Physician’s Assistant who has received extensive training from both us and the manufacturers of the devices used. This ensures that you will get the safest, most effective care. Reach out today to learn more and to arrange your consultation!