How Does Non-Surgical Radiofrequency Liposuction Work?

Body contouring offers many different solutions for getting rid of stubborn fat deposits that seem to remain even after an intense exercise regimen. Some treatments utilize cooling, injection or heat therapies to target fat cells directly while shrinking bulges away; there are also surgical procedures like tummy tucks or facelifts which remove extra skin to give you a toned appearance.

Non-invasive radiofrequency lipolysis is one method of non-surgical fat reduction that may help you shed unwanted pockets of fat without surgery or liposuction. But does it really work and is it an appropriate replacement option for more traditional approaches such as liposuction?

Yes, but lipolysis is no magic cure. Instead, lipolysis should be seen more as a body sculpting solution rather than weight loss; targeting localized pockets of fatty tissue in stomach, legs or other areas to target. Lipolysis will not necessarily decrease overall weight but it may help eliminate stubborn deposits of fat that remain resistant to diet and exercise alone.

Lipolysis not only dissolves fat cells but can also tighten skin by using radiofrequency energy to heat fatty tissues until they liquefy – your body then naturally absorbs and eliminates them naturally.

At times, the treatment can result in temporary mild tenderness in the area that was treated, but this usually subsides a few days post session. Furthermore, some patients report experiencing a slight burning sensation during sessions – however most can resume normal activities immediately following receipt of this therapy.

Some individuals choose noninvasive radiofrequency treatments because they want to avoid the potential side effects associated with surgical liposuction or other procedures, like cryolipolysis and laser lipolysis. Although these methods can reduce fat deposits without any downtime, they’re no replacement for weight loss or healthy eating habits. Noninvasive radiofrequency is just one option available for fat reduction; there are others such as cryolipolysis and laser lipolysis available as well.

Cryolipolysis (fat freezing), another popular method to reduce love handle fat deposits, works by drawing pinchable fat into an applicator and cooling it for up to an hour before freezing it with liquid nitrogen. The resultant damage causes fat cells to die; then over two or three months, their body’s lymphatic system clears away any remnants, gradually decreasing their presence until they’re no longer visible – leading to smaller love handles until all areas affected have subsided completely.

Laser and radiofrequency energy can also help kill fat cells and shrink fat bulges by heating them to death. Devices like SculpSure and Vanquish ME from BTL are capable of targeting large areas like abdomens and flanks in just 30-60 minute sessions – after which, dead fat cells will naturally be eliminated through lymphatic systems leaving behind slimmer, more contoured bodies.

Maintain a healthy weight through proper nutrition and regular exercise to achieve long-term results. For stubborn pockets of fat reduction, speak to a clinic about non-invasive radiofrequency lipolysis treatments available locally.