Heat-Based Body Sculpting

Body contouring may help those at healthy weight who struggle to reduce stubborn fat deposits that resist diet and exercise, body sculpting is an option to help. While not meant as a replacement for living a fit lifestyle, body sculpting provides safe and effective results in less time than traditional surgical liposuction procedures; its goal is to remove these deposits while creating an aesthetic figure that enhances beauty.

WarmSculpting(tm) and CoolSculpting(tm) have become extremely popular options for noninvasive body sculpting options without surgery, providing patients with ways to get rid of those pesky pockets of fat without damaging surrounding tissues. Both procedures have been approved by the FDA as FDA-cleared procedures that effectively destroy fat cells without impacting surrounding tissue structures.

During a lipolysis procedure, a paneled or cupped device is applied directly over the area that needs treatment. Once in place, an applicator then lowers temperature of target area in order to liquefy and ultimately destroy fat cells without discomfort; patients can resume normal activities immediately following treatment as lipolysis processes occur naturally through lymphatic system drainage and naturally eliminate destroyed fat cells via lymphatic system drainage – known as lipolysis.

Fat cells destroyed through body sculpting treatments no longer have the capacity to regenerate or multiply, meaning their results will last even if you gain weight after treatment has ended. Over time, your body gradually eliminates dead fat cells from targeted areas as you undergo further treatments, giving long-lasting body contouring results even if weight fluctuation occurs.

Body sculpting is similar to liposuction in many respects, yet differs substantially in several areas. Body sculpting treatments are noninvasive and painless; you can have your procedure completed at your local doctor’s office or clinic and recovery is much quicker without incisions or anesthesia; minimal swelling and bruising should occur, however this shouldn’t interfere with daily activities.

Although both treatments have similar outcomes, each has its own distinctive method for targeting and eliminating fat cells. CoolSculpting relies on freezing temperatures to break down fat cells while WarmSculpting uses laser technology to heat fatty tissue.

WarmSculpting and CoolSculpting both meet FDA approval, producing dramatic, long-term results in just one session – in fact, WarmSculpting alone can eliminate 23.5% of fat cells in its target area! CoolSculpting has been around for some time while WarmSculpting is relatively newcomer in body sculpting technology.

Both treatments can effectively target stubborn pockets of fat on your stomach, arms, back, chin and legs. If this sounds like something that would help, book a consultation appointment with us so we can determine whether body sculpting is suitable for you. Dr. Petti will listen carefully to your concerns and goals to develop an individualized treatment plan with as few sessions as possible for maximum success – most patients can achieve results after three or four sessions!