Fat Freezing in Sydney

Fat freezing, more commonly known by its brand name “CoolSculpting,” is a non-invasive procedure that utilizes specific temperatures to target and destroy fat cells in your body. FDA has approved it as an effective means for eliminating stubborn pockets of fat. Like liposuction, this procedure does not involve any downtime and can be completed quickly in a clinic setting. Treatment itself is straightforward – simply cover the area to be treated with a gel pad to protect skin before suctioning into an applicator’s hallow opening for treatment. Process takes 30 to 60 minutes and may include taking breaks in between, if you find it too uncomfortable. Expect tugging sensations, intense cold or other possible sensations like tingling, aching or cramping which should subside within 5 to 10 minutes; once frozen fat cells have been processed by your body they won’t come back; as long as you maintain a healthy weight they won’t return either!

While there are numerous fat freezing devices on the market, it’s best to seek treatment in a clinic equipped with proven technology. At Body Catalyst we use TGA-approved medical-grade Clatuu technology, complete with dual 360-degree applicators allowing us to treat multiple areas simultaneously – leading to increased efficiency and shorter treatment sessions to deliver quicker results faster.

Within just one session of fat freezing in Sydney, you’ll experience a noticeable reduction in the size of fat cells while tightening of surrounding skin. Most people notice changes to their body shape after 4-6 weeks post-treatment; results continue to improve over time as fat cells leave your system.

Fat freezing offers many advantages: it is non-invasive, safe and requires no downtime following treatment; any redness and swelling that might appear post treatment should subside quickly so you can resume normal daily activities immediately afterwards. Results typically begin showing within six weeks and full results will typically emerge by 12 weeks post procedure.

Fat freezing should not be seen as an instantaneous weight-loss solution. While fat freezing will reduce fat cells in targeted areas, you could still gain weight if your overall diet and lifestyle are unhealthily. Your body simply replaces destroyed cells with new ones if more calories than necessary are consumed than are burned off by physical activities like fat freezing.

As such, it’s crucial that patients follow an effective and sustainable weight-loss program when seeking fat freezing treatments in London. Be wary of clinics using untested and unreliable equipment; such devices could cost more in the long run compared to professional centers with reliable machines.