Energy-Assisted Fat Reduction

Energyassisted fat reduction

Energy-assisted fat reduction (EAFR) is a minimally invasive procedure designed to address unwanted fatty deposits while tightening skin for improved body contours. EAFR uses laser, ultrasound or radiofrequency energy combined with traditional liposuction in order to liquefy fat more easily for easier removal as well as contract skin in an aesthetic and natural-looking manner. There are three primary forms of Energy-Assisted Lipoplasty procedures including Power Assisted Lipoplasty (PAL), Ultrasonic Assisted Lipoplasty (UAL), and Laser-Assisted Lipoplasty (LAL).

Dr. Nikolov uses energy-assisted fat reduction treatment to give patients a slimmer and more contoured figure without scarring or downtime. A wire probe inserted through this small opening emits bursts of radiofrequency energy at regular intervals to melt and liquefy fat tissue, and absorb it by your body through lymphatic system elimination – leaving no scarring or downtime afterwards.

BodyTite, an energy-assisted lipo device, utilizes bipolar radiofrequency energy technology to both reduce fat deposits and tighten skin in one treatment session. Unlike laser devices, the BodyTite device provides a superior thermal experience and consistent skin contraction; one clinical study even demonstrated that its use caused up to 31% reduction of underlying adipose tissue contraction after only one session!

BodyTite’s radiofrequency energy penetrates adipose tissue and heats surrounding collagen to effectively tighten skin, as well as stimulate biological processes leading to increased skin elasticity and firmness, such as increased production of collagen and elastin production. Combining fat reduction with skin tightening can produce dramatic results in patients who struggle to shed excess adipose through diet or exercise alone.

How Does BodyTite Differ From AirSculpt? Both methods offer dramatic improvements in body shape and moderate skin retraction for appropriate candidates; however there are notable distinctions between them. AirSculpt uses laser technology while BodyTite relies on state-of-the-art bipolar radiofrequency energy systems; Dr. Smith’s extensive liposuction experience has demonstrated that RF energy delivered by BodyTite consistently outperforms laser technology used in AirSculpt for tightening, tissue remodeling, and precision sculpting purposes.

BodyTite device offers a safe, non-invasive solution for loose or lax skin left behind after traditional liposuction procedures. This is especially true in upper arms where many patients experience excessive redundant skin after significant weight loss. Traditional brachioplasty may be effective treatment option in such instances but often requires extensive incisions that may not always work successfully in cases with excessive skin laxity.

The BodyTite, the latest innovation to hit the market, was designed to combine the benefits of both traditional liposuction and energy-assisted devices for more attractive body composition. It utilizes radiofrequency energy that induces both blood vessel coagulation and skin tightening effects while its pulsating action minimizes bruising, erythema and discomfort for an improved recovery experience. These effects lead to decreased adipose tissue aspiration rates with more precise skin contracting effects, reduced aspiration rates overall and quicker recovery times overall.