Dermapen Skin Needling

Dermapen Skin Needling is a non-invasive clinical treatment that utilizes your body’s own natural healing process to stimulate collagen formation. This process takes place using a micro-needling (MN) device which features an adjustable needle cartridge with anti-contamination management technology patented for increasing patient safety, keeping sterile environments free from contamination, and increasing patient safety. With its adjustable needle length and speed options, MN devices can also be used for fine lines, minimising pores, scar reduction, stretch mark improvement, hyperpigmentation as well as hair restoration purposes.

The Dermapen microneedling pen are electric tools with fine needles which are gently pressed against the skin in a controlled fashion, creating micro injuries which stimulate your body’s natural healing response and encourage the formation of collagen and elastin to smooth and tighten skin, leading to reduced fine lines and wrinkles, firmer and plumper complexions, reduced redness, and improved texture. The result: visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles as well as firmer and plumper complexions as well as reduced redness as improved texture.

Microneedling is a technique that works well for both men and women of any age. This option can help reduce acne scarring, stretch marks and pockmarks from burns as well as thin skin due to sun damage or aging.

Once your skin has been micro-needled, it takes approximately six weeks for collagen to start growing and producing new healthy tissues, leaving your complexion more youthful and bright. Once this occurs, long-term results become evident – however you can keep up with regular treatments to maintain these benefits and continue reaping their rewards.

At your Dermapen appointment, we apply a numbing cream to reduce any potential discomfort during treatment. This should be applied at least 30 minutes in advance for it to take effect; depending on what condition is being addressed by this procedure it could take anywhere between one hour and several hours for completion by our healthcare providers.

After your procedure, it is essential that you avoid products containing harsh chemicals or oils as these could clog the holes created in your skin and lead to further complications. Once healed, makeup and other products may be applied as usual.

If you want to remove an excessive amount of fine lines and wrinkles, multiple procedures in succession may produce optimal results. Three to four treatments for moderate acne scarring is typically advised while five might be necessary when dealing with thermal burns or stretch marks. For those looking for skin needling refreshes annually, MN devices with their anti-contamination management technology are widely available at clinics, spas and beauty centres.