Cryolipolysis (commonly referred to as CoolSculpting) is a nonsurgical solution to fat reduction that’s resistant to diet and exercise, using cooling technology to target and eliminate fat cells without harming surrounding tissue or skin. FDA clearance allows this form of therapy for treating love handles, abdomens and thighs.

Procedure entails sitting comfortably for about an hour while having a customized, round paddle placed against your target area. Suction and cooling sensations may initially feel uncomfortable, but most people adapt quickly. You can read, watch TV, or even take a nap during treatment; once frozen, vacuum will turn off and applicator removed before being massaged to smooth out skin texture further.

Your doctor may suggest this procedure if you’ve hit what’s known as a fat loss plateau, or are seeking additional ways to slim your waistline. While not technically weight loss, this treatment can help rid yourself of stubborn pockets of fat in arms, belly, back and double chin areas. While results might take several sessions before being visible for all purposes – but at least you will see some result after only a few.

Scientists were inspired to experiment with this form of fat reduction after witnessing children eating ice blocks and developing dimples on their cheeks. After observation by a team, it became evident that cooling could destroy fat cells without harming surrounding tissues or skin, and eventually this device was patented.

Minimally invasive and nonsurgical, the procedure allows you to return home immediately following each session. While you might experience mild side effects afterward (bruising, soreness or swelling), they should subside in a matter of weeks without posing any harmful health concerns.

Cryolipolysis has been used safely and successfully on thousands of patients over time, offering long-term relief without risk. Not only is it effective and safe for almost all types of skin, it may even benefit pregnant women and those suffering from Raynaud’s phenomenon (which causes painful spasms when exposed to cold temperatures). Unfortunately it should not be recommended for pregnant women or those who experience Raynaud’s phenomena which causes painful spasms of fingers and toes when exposed to cold temperatures.

Cryolipolysis is an FDA-approved noninvasive procedure that’s specifically used to target love handles and other areas of stubborn fat. It’s safe for people of all ages and fitness levels, though ideal candidates tend to be those in good overall health. If you want help eliminating your double chin or any other areas of stubborn fat, schedule an initial consultation appointment with either a plastic surgeon or cosmetic dermatologist and learn more about this groundbreaking treatment method.