Cold Therapy For Body Sculpting

Cold therapy for body sculpting

Cold therapy has quickly become an established therapy for fat loss, cellulite reduction and workout recovery. Most are familiar with CoolSculpting as one form of cold therapy for fat reduction; this procedure freezes excess fat cells to sculpt a body into more desirable shapes without surgery or risk of scarring; but there are other similar options such as Ice Clay or Wood Therapy which offer natural and safe body sculpting results – these options all deliver results safely and naturally.

Ice Clay

A revolutionary treatment designed to thwart unwanted fat, Ice Clay employs the use of ice in various areas to reduce size, tone, and sculpt your face and body. Proven effective against cellulite reduction while increasing circulation and increasing collagen production for healthier skin tone and texture, Ice Clay promises the promise of great skin results!

There are numerous advantages to opting for natural treatments, including being entirely noninvasive and organic. As an effective and safe alternative to surgery, alternative medicine offers multiple advantages over its traditional counterpart.

Another advantage is being able to treat multiple areas at the same time, making this ideal for those wanting to target stubborn fat areas in their belly, love handles, thighs and arms simultaneously. Furthermore, treatment sessions are quick and straightforward – no need for lengthy breaks between treatments; you can return straight back into daily activities after finishing.

CoolSculpting stands apart from other forms of fat reduction by being non-invasive and using a handheld device to transmit extreme cold temperatures that target only fat cells in a treatment area, leaving other tissues such as skin and muscle unaffected by freezing point differences. As time passes, treated cells will eventually be eliminated by your body resulting in 20-25% fat loss within your treatment area.

PureSculpt (r) Ice Body is an FDA-approved noninvasive body sculpting treatment that utilizes freezing temperatures to safely dissolve fat cells. The method works by vacuuming skin above an area with fatty tissue into an applicator that freezes fat cells before your lymphatic system naturally removes them through its lymphatic system; long-term results from this therapy have even been seen through permanent body transformations.

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