Body Contouring Without Surgery

Body contouring without surgery refers to an umbrella of cosmetic treatments and devices used to shape the body into desired forms, including fat reduction, skin tightening and cellulite smoothing techniques. They tend to be less invasive than surgical contouring treatments as there is no anesthesia involved or long recovery times following these types of procedures.

Surgery offers more dramatic results, but can come with greater risks than noninvasive options. Surgery could result in complications like infection, scarring and damage to nerves, blood vessels or muscles; and this risk increases exponentially if performed by an unqualified plastic surgeon or incorrectly.

Noninvasive cosmetic treatments have become safer and more effective over time, especially body sculpting treatments. To optimize results and ensure they last over time, these should be combined with healthy eating habits and regular physical activity.

Many patients seek non-invasive body contouring solutions as a means of minimizing cellulite, sagging skin or other mild to moderate concerns without surgery. There are various techniques available, including cryolipolysis (e.g. CoolSculpting(r), injection lipolysis such as Kybella(r), laser lipolysis such as Zerona(r), radiofrequency lipolysis or ultrasound technology such as UltraShape(r) or BTL Vanquish ME.

These procedures target pockets of stubborn fat in your body and use natural methods to eliminate them. While this treatment won’t lead to significant weight loss, it may help maintain results from healthy lifestyle choices or enhance appearance in certain body areas.

When searching for noninvasive contouring treatments, it’s essential to work with a qualified doctor who can guide your decision making and help determine the most suitable options. Dr. Michele Green of Board-Certified Cosmetic Dermatology stands out among these providers due to her vast expertise and experience with noninvasive body sculpting techniques.

At Dr. Green’s practice in Maryland, noninvasive body contouring treatments have their own set of limitations that need to be considered carefully when considering them as possible body sculpting solutions. Although these noninvasive solutions are effective against mild to moderate body image concerns, they don’t address obesity, improve health or reverse effects of aging on your skin and muscle tone – this may require multiple sessions and even cause temporary side effects, which could last several months or be permanent; Dr. Green can recommend you work with an experienced, board-certified cosmetic dermatologist when considering more invasive or surgical body sculpting procedures; should this option arises she will refer you on to trusted board-certified plastic surgeons for further evaluation and consultations –