Benefits of Targeted Body Sculpting

Targeted body sculpting is an increasingly popular means of toning and tightening problem areas like the stomach, flanks (love handles), arms, back or buttocks without resorting to surgery. This method involves the removal or killing of fat cells in targeted areas while simultaneously toning muscle fibres to create a slimmer, more toned look without surgery.

Body sculpting differs from liposuction in that it does not involve surgery and does not need anesthetic, while recovery times for both procedures tend to be much faster. Liposuction involves suctioning techniques that remove larger amounts of fat than body sculpting can, though with anesthesia complications and post-surgery swelling it also comes with its own risks, including bleeding and complications post surgery that might arise as a result.

Body sculpting patients typically experience mild tingling or discomfort similar to receiving a hot stone massage, similar to when you get your oil changed regularly. After treatment there may also be temporary bruising which lasts a few weeks – this is normal and caused by your body clearing out damaged fat cells from its system.

Liposuction does not destroy muscle tissue like body sculpting does; this is crucial as firm and toned muscles are at the core of an attractive figure. Body sculpting makes reaching fitness goals simpler without resorting to restrictive diets or exercises alone.

To achieve optimal results, many providers recommend adding topical products after body sculpting treatments in order to maximize results and speed up fat cell breakdown. This can be especially helpful in areas that may be challenging to tone with traditional exercise alone. ALASTIN’s TransFORM Body Treatment with TriHex Technology can be used after any treatment to help optimize and support results.

Targeted body sculpting offers many psychological and emotional advantages beyond physical ones, as well. People often struggle with confidence issues in certain areas, and body sculpting provides them with a sense of empowerment they may otherwise lack. Plus, due to being relatively painless, convenient scheduling options and no downtime requirements it makes this procedure attractive to many patients who wish to address problem areas while continuing with their busy lifestyles.

If you are struggling with love handles, excess belly fat, or any other stubborn areas that refuse to go away despite physical exercise and cardio, contact us and learn about targeted body sculpting options. Our skilled team will customize a plan specifically tailored for you – we look forward to helping you attain the figure of your dreams!